CONVOCATORIA I+D - UE: FP7 - Transporte. Información futura convocatoria MARTEC

Viernes, 13 Marzo, 2009

MARTEC,, es una acción  de coordinación bajo el esquema ERA- NET. Es un consorcio constituida por 16 ministerios y organizaciones responsables de la financiación y la gestión de la I+D en el sector marítimo en 9 países europeos y está financiada por el VI PM de la UE.

En ésta convocatoria, los proyectos de I+D a presentar deberán encuadrarse en alguna de las siguientes áreas temáticas:

Áreas prioritarias:

  • Construcción  naval
  • Industria auxiliar y servicios
  • Operaciones en puerto y en buque
  • Transporte intermodal y transporte en aguas continentales
  • Industria/tecnología offshore
  • Energías renovables en el mar (offshore)
  • Tecnología polar
  • Pesca / acuicultura

Áreas integradas:

  • Seguridad, Medioambiente y elementos humanos.

En ésta convocatoria, los participantes españoles podrán recibir financiación del Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI), a través de los distintos instrumentos para la financiación de la I+D+i con los que el centro cuenta.

Para más información, visite la página WEB de MARTEC en la que encontrará las regulaciones nacionales específicas así como todos los documentos necesarios para participar en ésta convocatoria.

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Transnational Call
Maritime Technologies
deadline May 29th 2009

Call details

Project name: Maritime Technologies (MARTEC)
Deadline for submission: 29th May 2009
Contract number: 026101(ERAC)
Project Website:

News and partner search (expression of interest) for the pilot call is available at the MARTEC web page in the submenu "open call“.

Time table

01. Apr. – 29. May 2009 --> submission of full proposals via MARTEC website
Summer 2009 --> evaluation of full proposals by international experts
Aug. / Sep. 2009 --> common evaluation and ranking
Sep. / Dec. 2009 --> funding decision; contract negotiation
Early 2010 --> start of high ranked projects

Call in Maritime Technologies

MARTEC will open a transnational call up to 29th May 2009 for collaborative research projects.

Fundable areas are defined more precisely in the national research programmes. Please, visit the MARTEC web page

Financial support will be awarded by the national funding institutions for project duration of up to 36 months.

Priority funding is for projects which include at least two independent industrial participants from two partner countries.

The participation in transnational MARTEC projects offers the following advantages:

  • using the own national funding regulations,
  • cooperating in small and concise consortia (ten partners at most),
  • tackling complex projects which cannot be accomplished and financed by oneself or with national partners

The final date for submitting of full proposals is 29th May, 2009.

The research projects initiated by this call will be financed by the following partner institutions from the ERA-NET MARTEC consortium:


Danish Maritime Authority (DMA)


Tekes, the National Technology Agency of Finland TEKES)


Ministry for Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Spatial Planning (MEEDDAD)


OSEO (not a MARTEC partner)


Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi)


Research Council of Norway (RCN)


National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR)


Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI)


The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA)

The participation of applicants from other countries is allowed if a national organization is willing to fund successful national participants.

Application Procedure

A one stage application procedure is planned in opposite to the pilot call to test a shorter application time. Consortia should send only the MARTEC full proposal form, in addition to any further information required by the relevant national funding institution (see specific regulations). Full proposals will be evaluated by international  experts. A national eligibility check will be done in the same time.

Your national programme manager:

Denmark:   Mr. Mogens Schrøder Bech (DMA). Email:  Phone: +45 39 17 45 01
Finland: Ms. Merja Salmi-Lindgren (AFMI).  Email:  Phone: +35 89 19 23 38 5
France: Mr. Patrick Vidal (MEEDDAD).  Email:  Phone: +33 14 08 11 46 8
Germany: Mr. Ralf Fiedler (PtJ).  Email:  Phone: +49 38 15 19 72 82
Norway: Mr. Sigurd Falch (RCN).  Email: SF@RCN.NO.  Phone: +47 22 03 73 02
Poland: Mr. Jakub Sypień (NCBiR).  Email:  Phone: +48 51 50 61 53 9
Spain: Mr. Carlos Sánchez Lafuente (INNOVAMAR).  Email:  Phone: +34 91 74 72 11 6
Sweden: Mr. Per Ekberg (SMA).  Email:  Phone: +46 11 19 13 72

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Advantages for the European Union

• The development of a European research policy,
• The creation of an „internal market“ in research,
• The improvement of national research activities and policies,
• Better coordination of national maritime research programmes.

Advantages for programme owner

• A network of funding agencies,
• A coherent and sustainable R&D strategy,
• The improvement of the quality of research funding procedures,
• To avoid duplicate research inside Europe,
• Better information exchange.

Advantages for applicants

• Use of European research resources,
• Focused projects with small consortia,
• Reach critical mass for research consortia,
• Widen the markets for companies involved in research projects.

New partners are welcome to join the MARTEC project. Please contact the MARTEC Coordinator or visit our website for more information about becoming a partner.

Coordination and Contact

Research Centre Juelich GmbH
Project Management Organisation Juelich (PtJ)
Division MGS
Seestraße 15
18119 Rostock
Dr. Ralf Fiedler
Phone: + 49 381 5197 282

Project details

Duration: 01.06.2006 - 31.05.2009
Contract number: 026101(ERAC)
Project Website:

Who we are

MARTEC is an ERA-NET Coordination Action and a partnership of 16 European ministries and funding organisations responsible for funding RTD in maritime technologies from 12 countries. All together these countries represent about ¾ of the gross tonnage (GT) of shipbuilding output in Europe which shows that this network already covers the EU key players in that area.

What we focus on

MARTEC focuses on funding issues and is planning to create a lasting network of funding agencies that will improve the way in which maritime technologies research is managed and developed. This network will work out a strategy for future maritime technological research funding through trans-national calls and programmes.

MARTEC has developed a full-blown set of activities that will have a lasting impact on the maritime industry’s research funding processes and future direction.

The project will

• Analyse national programme objectives and priorities,
• Compare management procedures,
• Identify gaps in existing programmes,
• Suggest ways of removing administrative barriers,
• Define topics for future research activities and calls,
• Develop strategies and an action plan for the opening of national programmes for European cooperation.

Project Partners


• Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi),
• Project Management Organisation Juelich (PtJ) Norway,
• The Research Council of Norway (RCN).


• Instituto Tecnológico para el Desarrollo de las Industrias Maritimas (INNOVAMAR).


• Association of Finnish Marine Industries (AFMI),
• National Technology Agency of Finland (Tekes),


• Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) .


• Ministry for Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Spatial Planning (MEEDDAD),
• Centre d'Etudes Techniques Maritimes et Fluviales (CETMEF),
• OSEO innovation (OSEO).


• National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR).


• Ministry for Economic Affairs (MinEZ).

United Kingdom

• Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory (BERR).


• Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA).


• Universitatea Dunarea de Jos Din Galati (UDJG).


• University of the Aegean (UoA).