Workshop on Advancing the Aquaculture Agenda

Martes, 4 Mayo, 2010

Los pasados 15 y 16 de abril se celebró en París Workshop on Advancing the Aquaculture Agenda

Este taller sirvió de plataforma para los responsables políticos, expertos técnicos, las organizaciones internacionales, el sector privado y organizaciones no gubernamentales para examinar los retos políticos que los gobiernos de la OCDE se enfrentan en el desarrollo de la acuicultura. También informó a los participantes sobre aspectos críticos económicos, ambientales y sociales del sector de la acuicultura y el análisis de las interacciones con otros sectores.

Workshop agenda: EnglishFrançais

The workshop was organized in four sessions:

Session 1 - Overview of the latest developments in aquaculture provided participants with a snapshot of the latest ‘state of the art’ in aquaculture. The session explained the contribution of aquaculture to world fisheries supplies and food security, highlight technical developments and address industry trends (consumption, processing, marketing).

Albert Tacon


Session 2 - Best practices in aquaculture management and development identified, on the basis of specific country case studies and the inventory of  conditions in OECD member countries on aquaculture production, best practices around three specific topics which subsequently can provide input into domestic policy formulation. The three key topics were (i) governance, (ii) dealing with the environmental externalities caused by aquaculture and (iii) dealing with externalities that impact on aquaculture production. All three topics addressed economic, environmental and social interactions within and beyond the aquaculture sector.

Alistair Lane

Yngve Torgersen


Thierry Chopin

Arne Fredheim

Oliver Schneider

Robert Diaz

Eric Gilbert

Donal Maguire


Session 3 - Enhancing economic conditions for aquaculture analyzed factors that affect the business environment for aquaculture production. It looked into areas of action for the different players involved in the aquaculture sector: (i) public authorities and (ii) the private sector. In addition, it considered (iii) cross-cutting issues with an international dimension.

Maurice Héral

Oriol Ribo

Courtney Hough

Marie-Christine Monfort

Marion Fischer

Tom Rutter

Jonathan Shepherd

Sena de Silva

Malcolm Beveridge

Christina Schroeder

Wally Stevens


Session 4 – Lessons for policy makers: What future for aquaculture? drew from the discussions and the identification of best practices. The session addressed the question of how to develop national and international policy strategies for aquaculture development and identified specific potential areas of work for the OECD COFI.

Philippe Ferlin

on a new impetus for the strategy for the sustainable development of European aquaculture. Descargar PDF pdf

on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Regulation (EC) No 708/2007 concerning the use of alien and locally absent species in aquaculture. Descargar PDF pdf