Workshop on the Application of an Ecosystem Approach for development of Sustainable Aquaculture in Europe’s Outermost Regions(OR) and Overseas Countries and Territories(OCT)


European aquaculture offers good quality products, respecting strict environmental sustainability, animal health and consumer protection standards. The excellent quality of EU seafood constitutes a competitive advantage of EU aquaculture. A close cooperation among diverse stakeholders can further improve job creation and competitiveness of the sector. Aquaculture is one of the EU's Blue Economy Strategy's pillars and its sustainable development under an Ecosystem Approach can contribute to the European 2020 Strategy. It is also noteworthy that EU's overseas regions (ORs) & Overseas territories and countries (OTCs) cover an area of 4.4 million km², equivalent in size to continental Europe, and have a combined Exclusive Economic Zone of over 15 million km², the largest in the world.


As part of the Ecoaqua project, this workshop is organised by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with the following objectives:

Analyse the status and issues of Aquaculture in ORs and OCTs
Define Guidelines to foster the Development of Sustainable Aquaculture under an Ecosystem Approach.


The expected Guidelines resulting from this Workshop will be framed around 2 Major pillars:

1. Society and Aquaculture
Labour, Jobs and Women
Economics and Markets
Legislative Measures
Education and Training
Food Security

2. Environment and Aquaculture
Carrying Capacity
Escapes, Parasites and others
Key Habitats
Marine Ranching
Site selection
Technology & Innovation

De Lunes, 13 Julio, 2015 hasta Jueves, 16 Julio, 2015
University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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Space is limited to a maximum of 45 attendees. Registration is on a first come, first served basis and we have limited space so register today! Click here