IX International Conference on Southern Hemisphere Meteorology and Oceanography


- The International Polar Year
- Monsoon Systems and Extremes
- Urban climate and Air quality
- Ocean and Atmosphere Observations in the Southern Hemisphere
- Inter-Ocean Exchanges and Southern Hemisphere Ocean Modeling
- Earth System Science Issues in the Southern Hemisphere
- Extremes in the Context of Interannual to Interdecadal Variability
- Paleoclimate of the Southern Hemisphere: The Past Informing the Future
- Weather, Climate and Hydrological Predictions in the Southern Hemisphere
- Special Session on Southern Hemisphere THORPEX
- Special Session on Pacific Island Science Activities
- Special Session on Regional Climate Change Studies in the Southern Hemisphere

De Lunes, 9 Febrero, 2009 hasta Viernes, 13 Febrero, 2009
Melbourne (Australia)
+61 3 9669 4714